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Jewelry Directory  - Instructions
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Instructions for Listing Your Website in the
Jewelry Directory

Regarding your listing in the
Jewelry Directory
.org ( JDO )

First let me say Thank You for participating in our jewelry community.

To list your site, just follow these steps:

1. Print the instructions or open them in a new window to make it easy, then go to http://www.jewelrydirectory.org/

2. Register: This is optional but it will pay off later on. In the upper right hand corner there are 2 red links. Login and Register.

Click on Register. Agree to the terms and fill out the form.

The Registration Form: (optional but recommended)

  • Login: is the name you want to use to login to your JDO account.
  • Name: is your real name.
  • Password: is the password you want to use for your account.
  • Confirm Password: the same password you just entered.
  • Language: Select your language.
  • Email: Your primary email so you can get a confirmation email.
  • Confirmation Code: Type in the security code in the image below.

Now you have an account and this will allow you to submit articles and do things that are not permitted without an account. More on this later.

Submit Link

Now you can submit your website. Click on the SUBMIT LINK on the blue navigation bar at the top of the page.

3. The form:

Select a Pricing option.

  • Featured Link is $65 for one year with a reciprocal link back to the Jewelry Directory.
  • Regular Link without a reciprocal link back to the Jewelry Directory website costs $50 because you do not have to have a link back to the Jewelry Directory.
  • Regular link with reciprocal link back to the Jewelry Directory is $12.00 for one full year.


  • Title: This is the title or name of your website.
  • URL: This is the address of your website. example: http://www.your-website.com/
  • Description: This is a brief description of your website. Try to use some good keywords that describe your website products and or services.
  • Meta Keywords: These are words that are found on your website and are descriptive of your products and or services.
  • Meta Description: This can be a short sentence with some keywords that describe your website's products and or services.
  • Your Name: This would be your real name.
  • Your Email: Your primary email where you can be reached for confirmation of your link submitted.
  • Category: Click on the pull down menu and select a category. If you want to select more than one category, you will have to login later and submit your site again. The second time will be much faster because the system will remember your previous entrees.
  • Reciprocal Link URL: This is the page where you will have a link back to the Jewelry Directory. The best place for this return link is on your home page. ( http://www.your-website.com/index.html ).
    If you were registered before, chances are that you still have the banner on your home page. If so, you would just put the same thing as you did on the space above called URL:

    If your return link is on another page, not on your home page, make sure that the page it is on can be reached by clicking a link on your home page. This is the biggest reason for rejected links.
  • If you have the Jewelry Directory banner on your website already, you can skip the next step. If not, continue. You're almost done.
  • The next two boxes have the code that you will put on your home page or on your links page. This would be the page listed above under: Reciprocal Link URL: You only need the code form one of these two boxes. The first is text only and teh second is the little image.
  • If you select the first one, it will show up as a text link.
  • If you select the second one, it will show up as the small image you see above that code box.

This image is the one that was required in the old directory and you may still have on your website. If so, you can skip the above step.

Almost done

  • Enter the code shown: Just type in the code in the image below. This is a security step that prevents robots from spamming us.
  • Check the box to agree with the submission rules and click Continue

    That should do it.

If you get an error, it may be that the server timed out. The best thing to do is to click Submit Link at the top of the page and fill out the form again. Don't worry, It will go much faster this time because the system will remember most of what you previously entered. This is something I'm investigating.

If you have any questions, the best way to get a fast reply from me is to fill out the contact form at the top of the page on the website. http://www.jewelrydirectory.org/





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