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About Jewelry and where to buy one from

Date Added: September 23, 2008 06:48:21 AM
Author: moonis
Category: Costume Jewelry
Jewelry (also spelled as Jewellery and Jewelery) are ornaments like necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, toe rings, etc. made of different precious metals like gold, silver, platinum and also from precious and semi-precious stones like pearls, gemstones, diamonds, etc. Jewelry is the one of the oldest form of body ornament. Earlier jewelry was made from natural materials, such as bones, animal teeth, shells, wood and carved stones. These days beads are frequently used in jewelry. Beaded Jewellery commonly encompass necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts, and rings and the beads can be both large or small. Around the world, the demand of gold jewelry is on the rise and so are the prices. This form of jewelry looks beautiful and the Jewellers are coming up with new mesmerizing exquisite designs every day. For making gold jewelry, gold has to be mixed with other metals in required proportions to make it malleable and durable, as the purest form of gold that is 24 carats is very soft and cannot be used for making jewelry. Gold jewelry used in India are available in 22 kt gold, 21 kt gold, 18 kt gold with purity of 91.6%,. 87.5% and 75% respectively. Other types of jewelry that are catering to fashion conscious people from across the globe includes artificial jewelry, costume jewelry, fashion and imitation jewelry, pearl jewelry, gemstone jewelry, imitation and antique jewelry. In India, export of gems and jewelery items during April - May 2008 has registered a growth of over 25%, in terms of rupees, as compared to same period last year. The growth of the gems and jewelery industry is commendable considering the fact that the rupee gained over the US dollar for most part of the year. So where should one go to buy jewelry? Well, you can buy from your nearest jeweler's store or get on to the internet and search for sites selling jewelry, but make sure you buy hallmark jewelry as hallmarking certifies that the jewelry conforms to national & international standards of purity. In India, the BIS i.e. Bureau of Indian Standards undertakes certification of purity of gold jewelry in accordance with Indian Standards IS:1417 Grades of Gold & Gold Alloys. If you are an importer or a buyer based outside India and have a buying requirement for any form of jewelry from India, you can always log on to site www.Tradeindia.com TradeIndia website has a comprehensive database of jewelry exporters from India. You can search for exporters and manufacturers of any form of jewelry and can contact them directly with your buy requirement. An importer can also post his buy requirement and can respond to offers received. To help you in finding all kinds of jewelry sellers, exporters and manufacturers from India I am giving you the link, http://www.tradeindia.com/Exporters_Suppliers/Exporters/Jewelry-Gemstones just click on the link and contact the listed companies. There are other company websites also that you can Google easily. But I'm impressed with the companies listed on the TradeIndia.com portal as here you can find many jewelry exporters at a single place. You don't have to search through the internet. A word of caution though, while dealing through internet always cross-check the company credentials first before placing an order. As it is always better to be safe than be sorry later! Tradeindia.com is India's Largest B2B e-marketplace for global trade and the leading provider of online marketing services for importers and exporters.
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About Jewelry and where to buy one from
Jewelry (also spelled as Jewellery and Jewelery) are ornaments like necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets, bangles, toe rings, etc. made of different precious metals like gold, silver, platinum
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